Meet Whitney

Whitney’s a 30-something trans woman who’s decided it’s finally time to accept herself, begin her transition to full-time woman, and share her experiences with other members of the trans community, their loved ones, and anyone else who may be interested in learning more about her transgender life.

She had her first transgender experience as a 2-year-old, trying on dresses in the closet. Three and a half decades and lots and lots of dresses later, she’s finally out of the closet and ready to share it all! This is a blog about all things transgender. As transgender individuals, we are so much more than transgender—like any cisgender person, our identities are the product of a lifetime of interactions. However, being transgender can often demand tons of time, money, emotional equity, social and human capital, and patience—sometimes it even takes our lives. So it’s crucial to have resources like this to turn to for support, for shared experiences and for hope.

Please take the time to comment, share and follow Whitney’s posts. If you have suggestions, questions or experiences you’d  like to share, by all means, you are welcome to share. Please just keep in mind that negativity, intolerance and transphobia, however, are not acceptable here.